Fruitful Summer | Uganda, July 2017

Greetings from Gwaffu!

I pray everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. It has been a busy time with many things to be thankful for. We are finishing up the current rainy season so the garden has lots of maize (corn) that's ready to pick, as well as fresh beans that we have greatly enjoyed. The boys did a great job planting and weeding so we could enjoy a good harvest. To prepare the maize, we either roast or steam it, but my favorite is roasted. The garden is always a reminder to me of God's provision and our responsibility. He provides everything for the crops and we just have to be good stewards of it.

The past several weeks have been full of celebrations! Patrick and Innocent both had birthdays, that we celebrated with everyone. I always try to make a special birthday treat, and this time around it was banana bread - lots of it! We also planned a party for the 4th of July and had a full house to celebrate American independence. It was fun talking about the holiday, making decorations, and sharing an American tradition with everyone. Fried chicken and apple pie were the highlights of the meal!

I've been spending time with two young ladies, Shamim and Everbright. They both desire business degrees and currently live with family while helping at home. We have been studying the book of John as well as usually finding something to bake together, or a craft to do. They are sweet girls and I've enjoyed the time so far getting to know them. We had been praying they would find jobs and praise the Lord they are both currently employed. This is helpful for them and their families, but means I don't get to see them as often. Please join me in praying for these two sweet young ladies. I've also recently had the opportunity to start a bible study at a high school where I will be meeting with girls who are in their last few years of school. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing how the Lord works in the lives of these girls. These opportunities with young ladies gives me a glimpse of the future vision of GFE through new eyes, and what it would mean for a girls program and the gospel. 

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As always, thank you for your prayers,

- Melissa