April 2018

April 2018 Updates

Hi Everyone! My posts are usually more about Grace for Education's program and the current goings on, however this month will be a little more personal.

It has been a busy rainy season here in Seeta. We've had rain almost daily with sunshine scattered here and there. I've been caught in Kampala during heavy storms and have experienced the hustle and the traffic they speak of when it rains. I wish I had a video of it all because I laughed the whole time as I struggled to find my way home. Picture running and/or standing water everywhere, Old Navy flip flops, holding an umbrella, dodging people and taxis, and avoiding all the mud. It was funny. I love the rainy season because temperatures are cooler. Some nights I actually need a long sleeved shirt, socks, and a blanket. It is a reminder to me that I have in fact adjusted to life here.

The Lord has taught me many things here. Things about who He is, who I am, what He desires, and how I can better know Him and obey His word. It's been a wonderful time of leaning into Him through the laughter, triumphs, and struggles. Don't think my obedience came without some of my usual stubbornness coming first though! God is still working on how to use that for His glory. He has been patient and always welcomed me back to Him. I learned more about grace and mercy than I ever have. I learned how to extend grace and mercy more than I ever have. I could go on and on. The biggest thing I think I've learned is how to follow Him in faith. Faith. I stepped out in faith coming here to Uganda and I am planning to return to the USA in faith. This has come with months of prayer, tears, seeking wisdom from others, and finally just the faithful step. Even though living in a host country comes with challenges, I have come to see Uganda as home. Never again will I feel whole as half of me will forever be on opposite sides of the world. 

I am looking forward to continuing to serve Grace for Education in the USA. My desire is that I continue to find ways to serve and support the ministry so it can grow into the future vision we have. I can't wait to return and see firsthand all that God is going to do in and through Grace for Education. Our vision is to grow and support a girls' program that mirrors the boys' program. With that comes the need for another facility and the ability to support the girls' education. Please pray about this. I see the vision. I see it working with the boys. I see the growth in them - the fellowship and the community. I can't wait to see it doubled when girls can be included! Please partner with me as I pray for Grace for Education.

There are several ways you can pray. Please pray for those remaining here. My heart is torn knowing I'm leaving family here to return to family stateside. Pray that the students work hard and continue to grow the in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that Dorothy, Innocent and Chris would continue to serve and lead the students faithfully. Please pray for transitions as I return; that I transition well and don't neglect to see what God wants to teach me in this. I'm excited to see what God has planned for me back in America and I look forward to seeing what He does in Uganda. Ultimately, pray that Christ will be made known to the people of Uganda. That they know the true, loving God and serve Him faithfully in their families and communities. May Grace for Education be a light to those around them.

Thank you for loving and supporting me as I lived in UG and as I return to the US.