March 2018 Updates

Greetings from Gwaffu!


I am back in Uganda and all settled in. The visit home went by quickly and was a wonderful time with family and friends. I was ready to come back and see everyone here at the house though. I was VERY ready to get my hands on the new addition to the family, baby Rennie. Rennie was born the day we landed in Atlanta! He has grown so much even in the few weeks I have been back. He's a happy boy with lots of smiles. I love holding Rennie any chance I get. 

I've been able to see many of the people whom I've built relationships with. It was nice to come back and know so many familiar faces because it felt like coming home. Some things of course I had to get used to again, like driving. I'm also determined to learn and use more Lugandan. It is the language most widely used around here other than English. It's an uncomfortable process knowing I am messing up, but I'm trying. Thank goodness for the Notes app on my phone!


Hinson started school this year. He attends half day and loves riding the school bus. The students who were here on holiday have all returned to school. The beginning of each school term is a busy time of getting school supplies, going to the tailor, getting haircuts, and paying fees before dropping them off. The house is busy while they are here and then very quiet when they go. Each time students leave for school I'm reminded that no matter what "work" we are doing it should all be done for God's glory. It's a heart check for me to align myself back with God's word and His purpose for me. Henry finished secondary school and is in a gap year while he waits for results and the window to open for applying to schools. To hear more about him check out the Facebook page for a recent update on him.

The weather has been lovely- minus the sweating of course. And, it's not the pretty glistening sweating. It's the soaked-through-two-shirts-and-your-pants-are-wet sweating. At least everyone else around you is also sweating! It made me appreciate even more my mom's gift of some Popsicle bags called Zipsicles. Oh my, they are perfect. We've enjoyed buying juice and making them to enjoy on hot days. Recently though it's started raining more. When it rains it cools everything off and the dust settles. It doesn't get humid like at home though. Cool, rainy days feel like fall and make me want all things pumpkin spice. Rainy season is coming soon and the garden has been prepped for planting. I'm looking forward to the fresh beans and sweet maize that will come. 

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers in 2017. It was a year of growing, learning, and trusting God with more than I had ever before. I learned to better rely on who He is and what His Word says. I'm still learning of course, but am so grateful for His loving arms that comfort and correct and His continuous pursuit of me. I'm looking forward to a new year of more learning, growing, and trusting.  Please pray for the students has they study and complete exams. Also, please pray for wisdom and God's provision as we continue to seek to build a girls' program. We would love to see both young men and women being discipled for Christ and impacting their villages with the true gospel. Enjoy the photos and don't forget to check our Instagram account and new Facebook page for even more photos and stories!