Critters and KFC | Uganda, November 2016

Hey friends, Melissa here!

I've been here a month now and time is flying by already. The house stays busy with visitors and there is always something going on. I love that Innocent and Dorothy have created an environment so welcoming that friends and neighbors feel comfortable to visit often. It is obvious they love the people of Seeta and I am grateful for the example they set as I continue to adjust to life in Africa.

Just like back home, there are bugs and critters that find their way inside to escape the heat. We called a pest control guy to come out and then spent the following weekend fumigating the house. I enjoyed getting to spend the day with some of the boys while we waited to go back to the house. Upon our return some rodents decided to take up residence inside. What a sight to see the boys jumping and chasing them as they tried to catch them! I was thankful they were taking care of the situation. The weekend was an opportunity to work together as we put things back in order, as well as do a little spring cleaning. The word of the day was "teamwork". As a treat, we enjoyed a trip to Kampala for KFC! Buckets of fried chicken and french fries for everyone! It was a great way to end the weekend.

As a side note, there are times it is better that Americans are invisible to ensure we are getting the best price for products and/or services. That being said, the pest control guy came to the house and Chris and I had to disappear for a bit. Long story short, we ended up on the roof for an extended period of time and the whole experience was quite funny. 

I hope to bake bread soon in the solar oven we brought from America. I love cooking and look forward to trying this and many things in the solar oven. Be looking for pictures on Instagram and for an update next month on how it went.

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