Transitions and Introductions | Uganda, October 2016

From Melissa:

Life in Uganda is never boring and you find out new things each day. I walked home from town for the first time, and though my feet were dusty and tired, it was a good walk. I discovered I pass by one of the women from our Bible study last year. Dorothy and I have spent a lot of time cooking together, which takes a while when using charcoal. During this time I'm watching and she's letting me help as I learn how to cook the Ugandan way. At the house, there are doves (similar to American pigeons) that were given to Innocent as a gift. They seem to like my room, probably because of the smell of essential oils! It is quite funny when they appear behind my bed or perched somewhere. I'm chasing them away so hopefully they will figure I don't want them in my room!

I've had the pleasure of reconnecting with a few women from a previous Bible study we had 2015. I look forward to spending more time with them and other women in Seeta. I met Emily, a friend of Dorothy's, and was able to spend the day with her. When it came time for lunch, since I don't know how to start the charcoal stove, she was kind and helpful in preparing lunch with me. Hospitality and a willingness to share chores, like cooking, is all part of fellowship with women. I am reading a book about prayer and studying the gospel of John in preparation for our first Bible study next month. Please pray that God will be glorified through our Bible study times and that I will be faithful to communicate His Word.

From Chris:

It has been a pleasant transition to life in Uganda thus far.  The month of October will be a time where we focus on prayer.  In November, we will begin teaching the Gospel of John. I am preparing daily as I study the gospel and it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit would guide me in my studies so that I will be equipped to pass on HIS WORD.

I am already seeing through the years, how the Lord is working in the hearts of our young students. Their genuine, sweet spirit of humility creates a strong desire to study scripture. Please continue to pray for Innocent and Dorothy as they lead these young men.  Please continue to pray for me and the ministry as we focus on building disciples for Christ in Uganda.

Life is much different here in Uganda.  One of the unique experiences is washing clothes.  It is all done by hand with multiple cycles.  When washing by hand, I prefer only 1 cycle, but the natives will not allow for only 1 cycle.  Typically washing clothes in Uganda is a 3 cycle process, and then one hangs them on the clothes line to dry.  Laundry in Uganda is always much better when doing it with one of the students.  I had the privilege of washing clothes with Ben Jukira this week and I would like to introduce Ben by briefly sharing his story.  

Ben Jukira is the son of Florence and Ben. His parents are both deceased. His mother died of diabetes and his father passed away from high blood pressure (not exactly sure because autopsies are rarely performed). Florence passed while Ben was in middle school and his father passed away during his high school years. Throughout Ben's life school fees were a constant burden, so often he would work during holidays to raise money for school. He would make bricks, take on construction jobs, and fish in Lake Victoria to sell the fish. He continued to be diligent in his studies and his work to make a way for himself. In 2007, Ben began following Christ. From 2007, Ben has continued to grow in Christ despite numerous trials. I had the privilege to meet Ben in 2007. Ever since, I have enjoyed building a relationship with him, and throughout my summer visits it has been a tremendous treat to study the Word with him and watch him grow.  Grace for Education began sponsoring him in 2010 (my parents helped to specifically sponsor him through our ministry). Ben completed high school in 2016 at Seroma Secondary School. He is currently attending Uganda Christian University in hopes of obtaining a degree in Business Administration. Please continue to pray specifically for his walk with Christ and his educational pursuits.